The Schwartz Group provides leading information security companies with a best-of-breed solution to resource challenges of high-powered outside sales and technical sales. Clients rely on our three core competencies:

Deep understanding of the security marketplace
The Schwartz Group's industry experts constantly monitor the security marketplace to stay abreast of the most recent innovations and changes within our industry. We handle sales and technical sales placement that span IT/data security, audit, compliance, risk management, and privacy software, hardware, and services. Through the dedication of our financial and human resources to these positions within this market, we endeavor to be the best in this niche.

Demonstrated expertise in sales and technical sales placement
The Schwartz Group is proud to have among its clients some of the world's leading producers of information security software, hardware and services, which rely upon our specialized methodology to place sales and technical sales experts within their organizations. They recognize our deep understanding of sales, marketing, and business development as well as pre/post sales engineering, systems engineering, and field sales engineering. Because of this expertise, and our talent pool database of thousands of current candidates nation-wide, some of the most successful information security companies have also chosen the Schwartz Group.

Proven, highly structured recruiting system methodology
The Schwartz Group provides an exceptional level of service, which sets it apart from other contingency-based search firms, while maintaining the standard of no upfront fees or charges to engage our services. When clients approach the Schwartz Group with a resource challenge, they have confidence in our six-step process:

Step 1 - Assess Clients' Needs
We take the time to listen and understand in a detailed consultation with our client to assemble a clear sense of the required skills, backgrounds and qualifications for the position. We create a comprehensive profile of the ideal candidate, resulting in only the most highly qualified individuals being presented and the entire process is expedited.

Step 2 - Designing the Game Plan
Armed with an in depth knowledge of the requisition, our seasoned experts strategize and identify the sources most likely to generate potential candidates. Our industry specialization enables us to easily cultivate leads that would otherwise be too difficult or time consuming to identify.

Step 3 - Implementation
With precision, we begin contacting hundreds of potential candidates for each position. We screen each person based on their qualifications, motivation factors, compatibility with our client's culture, and level of interest in the opportunity.

Step 4 - Presentation & Selection
The hand-selected candidates are delivered to the client for interview selection, accompanied by a detailed report containing essential information that is not included in the CV. This includes details such as current compensation, motivation, level of interest, and other pertinent information.

Step 5 - Communication
We will schedule and confirm all phone and face-to-face interviews for our clients to provide a smooth channel of communication, avoiding common logistical problems. We provide our clients with a thorough post-interview debriefing of each candidate's feedback from the meeting.

Step 6 - Negotiation
Finally, by working closely with our client and candidate, we will negotiate the terms of an offer, make the verbal offer and close the candidate. This detailed methodology best insures that our clients are able to hire the candidates of their choice in a timely manner.

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